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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Real Deal Concealer. Need Serious Coverage?

As many of you are already familiar, I LOVE concealers! It is my holy grail/can't leave home without product! I've done reviews on the Sheer Cover and Coverblend Concealer, which both have been through my testing process of what my ideal concealer is. 

I was able to test Laura Geller's 'my real deal concealer' to determine if it meets my expectations of an ideal concealer. 

Criteria of my 'Perfect' concealer -

  • Match my skin tone
  • Cover up the darkness under my eyes
  • Reduce the look of puffiness under eyes
  • Cover up redness/blemish for past pimples
  • One product to do all
First let's get to know Laura Geller.

The key to Laura Geller’s success seems to lie somewhere in between her tenured beauty expertise and her warm, approachable and “best friend in the biz” personality. Not happy just being one of the industry’s most recognized and talented makeup artists, Laura has made a career out of infusing glamour into every girl’s day with multi-tasking, “ingenious” products that are easy-to-use solutions for every day beauty concerns. That’s because Laura takes her consumers’ needs and wants into consideration every time she develops a product…guaranteeing multi-functional, beauty that fits into every woman’s daily life. 
The Brains Behind No Brainer BeautyFrom an early age, Laura knew her future would be in makeup. "I used to ask if I could work at the makeup counters for free just so I could be near the products," she explains. Her path to becoming one of the industry’s top makeup artists swiftly followed as she went from beauty school to Broadway – making up the theater industries rising stars. Soon after, Geller's handy work was gracing the small screen including on-air talent at CBS, NBC, AMC, and HB0. Today, Laura is most often seen in front of the camera through her many QVC appearances in the US and Europe. Her exceptional ability in connecting with her viewers with her authentic persona has been a key to her success and led to a cult following for her brand.  
Laura Geller Makeup StudioIn 1993, Laura opened Laura Geller Makeup Studios on New York City's posh Upper East Side. The Studio’s purpose was simple: to teach women the how-to of cosmetics and hands-on technique to master it. Laura sought to simplify makeup application. "I saw a void in the makeup industry. Women didn't know how to apply makeup, so I wanted to communicate my knowledge and experience," she says. Today, the studio is a showcase for Laura’s eponymous line of cosmetics and is also where those in the know flock for 5-star makeup application, brow shaping and more. 
Laura’s high-spirited, down-to-earth personality oozes from every corner of the studio ~ from complimentary coffee and cookies offered as soon as you walk through the door to the hand-picked selection of products, candles and accessories on display. The fashionable, never intimidating and highly knowledgeable staff skillfully takes customers through the line, provides expert makeup application advice and “editing” suggestions that reflect both “the basics” and “the best.” [source]

Now that we know about Laura Geller, let's talk about the real deal concealer.

My Real Deal Concealer is the ideal antidote to those flaws that you have always plagued you--childhood scars, dark under-eye circles, birthmarks, uneven lip lines, even that no-longer-relevant tattoo. It's the perfect counterpart to Laura Geller's sheer Phenomenal Foundation, in a shade that's matched to your skin. This silicone-based, smooth-gliding formula is long-lasting, water-resistant, oil free, and chock full of healthy vitamins.[source]
The Test - 

Within the last month, I've been breaking out tremendously on my chin and having a good concealer will really help with the leftover blemishes caused by it. 

The photo below shows how the 'my real deal concealer' helped with the blemishes on my chin. 

  • One - my chin after cleansing and applying moisturizer
  • Two - dotting a very small amount (a little goes a long way - too much will show) onto blemished spots and blending concealer with a concealer brush.
  • Three - taking a buffer brush into the Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten baked color corrector foundation and lightly buffing the concealer to blend
  • Four - taking more of the foundation with the buffer brush and continuing to blend the lightness of concealer for more of a true match to my own skin

As you can see, the blemishes on my chin was really apparent and upon applying the concealer onto my blemishes it had lightened my skin. This concealer shade is in medium and since I've been tanning it didn't match my skin perfectly but I made it work for me. In photo three, I lightly blended the Balance-n-Brighten foundation in tan which helped tone the lightness of the concealer. In photo four, I continued to blend the foundation onto the concealed areas of my chin which helped give me more of a natural tone.

Overall, I felt it did what it claimed of being of smooth-gliding formula that was long-lasting, water-resistant and oil free. I could only imagine how perfect the shade match would be for me if I hadn't tanned or getting the next color up of Medium/Deep but as you can see, nothing a little blending action couldn't help!

Did it...

  • Match my skin tone? No because I had started to tan so the shade medium was too light
  • Cover up the darkness under my eyes? Yes! I actually prefer this under my eyes to lighten up my under eye area due to darkness.
  • Reduce the look of puffiness under eyes? Yes! I ensured that I applied concealer where the shadow is that creates the puffy look
  • Cover up redness/blemish for past pimples? Yes! 
  • One product to do all? It did all but match my skin tone - I'll have to get medium/deep for sure!

Pro -

  • Concealed!
  • A little goes a long way
  • Very pigmented
  • Easy to apply and blend
  • Can be applied with finger or brush

Cons -

  • I had the shade lighter than my shade which required a little more buffing but still wasn't a big deal

In Short -

Packaging - In a simple clear flat tube, the concealer was easy to extract and ready to use.
Quality - Very pigmented and a little goes on a long way
Cost - Price: $17.99
More Information - Visit www.laurageller.com

Ranking - 5 out 5 stars

Would you recommend it to a friend? YES!

What do you think of this concealer? 

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Stay beautiful inside and out!




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