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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pro Bar [Review + Giveaway] closed/ US only

Did you know...

The prevalence of gluten in our food system has received a lot of attention recently. It’s estimated that celiac disease affects 1 out of every 133 people and generally speaking around 18 million Americans have some degree of gluten sensitivity. The culprit is the hard-to-digest protein called gluten, that even a healthy intestine can not completely break down. For those with celiac disease, the undigested gluten essentially causes the body’s immune system to lash out at itself, leading to malabsorption, bloating and diarrhea — the classic gastrointestinal symptoms — but also, at times, joint pain, skin rashes and other problems.

For these reasons, PROBAR is proud to announce that they are moving away from gluten as much as possible. PROBAR’s first certified gluten-free product is due to come out in March 2012: a fruit-dense, superfood snack bar (~150 calories). Fruition is designed to deliver 1 serving of fruit in every bar and is built from a 100% vegan, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free medley of dates, oats, chia seeds, and cashews.

Great Video to learn more about the Probar Fruition! 

I received a package of 14 bars (2 bars of each flavor) and was able to test them out last month. I tried all the flavors in the fruition line and my favorites were cherry, lemon and chocolate orange! Overall, I enjoyed these snacks and felt a difference in how I felt between meals when hunger pangs kicked in. I appreciate the variety of flavors because I know that there are flavors that almost everyone will enjoy. They were easy to throw into my diaper bag when I was out and about with the kiddos. 

Pro - 

  • Won't spike blood sugar
  • Give good energy
  • Hydration tool from chia seeds which is a hydrophilic seed and provides in giving omega 3 with fiber
  • Used for endurance among athletes
  • Superfood
  • A variety of flavors to enjoy
  • Gluten Free
  • Nice and easy to use as a snack for in between meals
In short -

Packaging - White packaging with bright colors of the flavor (like red lettering for cherry, yellow for lemon) and it is easy to unwrap the bar from. Ready to eat. 
Quality - Flavorful and moist
Cost - one bar at $1.79/dozen at $18.48
Additional - Gave me 'good' energy, helped satiate my hunger between meals
Extra - As a bonus, get 40% off on your first purchase on the ProBar website by using 'BLOGGER' as the promo code. http://theprobar.com/shop

Ranked: 5 out 5 stars
Recommend to a friend? YES!

      Giveaway Time!!

      I enjoyed these snacks so much and I'm excited that one lucky winner will be winning the same box I received!! 

      You must be able to correctly complete the first 7 tasks on the rafflecopter (widget below) to qualify for this giveaway. Open US only. Additional entries by completing first 7 will be available and can be done daily if you want! Use the rafflecopter to keep track of which tasks you've completed. By entering this giveaway, you have agreed to reading the rules at the bottom of the rafflecopter widget. Starts 6/14 and ends 7/6 at 11:59am EST.

      Good luck everyone and thank you so much for participating! I can't wait to see you enjoy these bars too!

      What are your healthy snacks for energy and to satiate your in between meal hunger pangs? What flavors are you most interested in trying? Have you heard of the ProBar before?

      Thank you for visiting and don't forget to follow my blog for new posts! 

      Stay beautiful inside and out!




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        FTC: A huge thank you to The ProBar for allowing me to review and host a sponsored giveaway of their snacks! I am in no way affiliated with the company or products mentioned. No cash compensation is being received for reviewing and hosting this giveaway Any opinions about this product is 100% honest and are not construed or influenced by The ProBar.


        Ttrockwood@yahoo.com said...

        I love that its made from whole unprocessed ingredients and its vegan and healthy! Ideal snack bar for me...

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