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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A hoodie shirt that's animated?

Yes animated to bite or talk. However way you want to use it! It's a fun concept of animated apparel hoodies by MouthMan!

About Mouth Man -
Mouth Man, The Original in Animated Apparel. Mouth Man was Founded by Ross Valory, Original Member and Founder of the rock band Journey. Ross is Journey's noted bass player and along with Neal Schon, is the only original member of the band still performing with the group. Aside from the Raised on Radio album sessions (and subsequent tour) in 1986, Ross has played on all of Journey's albums. 
Mouth Man Enterprise was created when Ross had recollected on a memory of kids he remembered playing Jaws (which was arms crossed one over the other , elbows splayed out in front, and opening and closing in a chopping fashion) twenty years ago. He joined forces with Prairie Prince (fellow Journey founder/friend) who was a renowned graphic artist to create remarkable custom airbrushed art.

T-Rex Hoodie Shirt -
Photo property of MouthMan

First of its kind in animated apparel. Patented, custom designed and printed in full color with sharp detailed graphics. Printed with eco-friendly inks on recycled fabric, 100% Polyester Sport Fabric. Mouth Man Products are green and designed and made in the USA. Front of hoodie features the T-Rex standing in front of a field of flames and palm tree silhouettes. When arms are folded across the chest the image changes to reveal the T-Rex's big toothy open mouth. Back of hoodie features another open mouthed T-Rex. Base shirt color is deep orange to red fade.
I was excited to have my two and half year old son try his first T-Rex Hoodie shirt in 4T. Since it has already hit the 100 degree weather in Las Vegas, my husband asked skeptically why our son was wearing a long sleeved hoodie around the house. When I received the hoodie and unwrapped it from the mailing package, my son was immediately asking to wear it and I helped put it on him. He was happy to wear such a colorful hoodie regardless of the outer temperatures.

On this day he had it on right before bedtime and all through out that time pointing to the dinosaur on his new hoodie. As far as getting him to cross his arms, it was NOT happening. On my son, this hoodie was a couple inches longer in the arms but it's great because he'll be able to enjoy this for the next year or so. 

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we trekked over 500 miles to Utah to visit my in-laws and the weather warranted for clothes to keep warm in. This hoodie was perfect for weather that was in the temperatures of 50's to 70's with two days being rainy. 

With the fabric being thinner than what I wanted him to go out in, I had a cotton long sleeve underneath the hoodie and he was set to have fun with his grandparents. It was really cute because he'd periodically point to the T-Rex on his shirt saying dinosaur and growling to imitate it.

The vibrancy of the of colors on this hoodie was bright and the images were very detailed. The fabric is  soft, thin and of an airy material similar to a mesh fabric. The inside of the shirt was white to help the outside image and colors pop even more. It was great to know that the hoodie was created with eco-friendly inks and recycled fabric!

Overall, we enjoyed this hoodie! I appreciate that it helped keep him warm over the Memorial Day weekend and he enjoys looking down at the dinosaur on his shirt and growling. I like the Mouthman animated apparel concept because it is fun for all ages and it is comprised of eco friendly materials. With a growing toddler, I'm happy I got a 4T because he will definitely be enjoying this great hoodie for a while!

In short -

Packaging - In minimal packaging, the hoodie was folded flat in a clear plastic bag with an information card about the hoodie. Ready to wear. 
Ease of use - Definitely! As a 2.5 year old, may need help but not difficult to put on and wear.
Quality - Very sturdy material, image was very detailed and colors on hoodie is very vibrant
Cost - Child T-Rex Hoodie - $29.99 + $5 shipping; prices vary
Additional - Available for adults and children, many styles to choose from including the Simpsons and firedepartment.org
More information - www.mouthman.com

Ranked: 5 out 5 stars
Recommend to a friend? YES!

What do you think of these great animated hoodies? Do you have someone in mind that would enjoy these hoodies?

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    FTC: A huge thank you to Mouthman for allowing me to review this T-Rex hoodie! I am in no way affiliated with the company or products mentioned. No cash compensation is being received for reviewing this product. Any opinions about this product is 100% honest and are not construed or influenced by Mouthman.


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