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Thursday, March 15, 2012

UNBOXING: Gogogirlfriend deluxe box

A December deluxe box from gogogirlfriend in March is very poor customer service!

I have had bad service after my first box and decided to get a deluxe box as my last hoorah with this company. Well, it took them 3 months to get me this box. Good riddance. Being a birchbox member for 10 months now, customer service and transparency of when boxes would be received is high on their priorities - which didn't seem to be the case with gogogirlfriend.

This deluxe box was offered to members and contained many full size items well worth over the value paid - $28.

After calculating the value of each item in this box, it came out to over $50 which in turn saved me over $30!

Here is the unboxing video:

Here are detailed info for each product.

Coastal scents brow tones palette. Cost $7.95
Brow & Comb Grooming Brush. Cost $7.95
Turbie Twist Hair Towel. cost $7.95
Wysie Wipes 12 pack.
Expandable wash cloths
Cost $2
Oluv skin - touch serum
Targets wrinkles & hydrates
Cost $7.95
Blum Naturals exfoliating daily cleansing cloths 10 pack
Micro beads that help deep clean & lift away dead cells
Cost $3.95
Coastal Scents Hot Pot Eyeshadow
Dark pigmented shimmer purple
Cost $1.99
Gogogirlfriend All Natural Cherry Almond Soap
Made with shea butter & Olive oil
Cost $5
Coastal scents coats polish in Peony ($3.99), Naturella all in one skin treatment (full size $19.99), Blossoms Dual eye pencil in Bronze/Champagne ($5.99), Camille Beckman Midnight Monarch lotion ($2.95+)
and Dr Sweet Tooth Dry shampoo ($9.95+)
All of the items in my December Deluxe Box

I'm obsessed with monthly boxes and I have the following boxes. Have you checked out these monthly boxes for yourself?

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To get yours for $11 - enter my email address - racomaree@gmail.com

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What are your thoughts on gogogirlfriend as a member or as an observer?

Stay beautiful inside and out!

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Di said...

Oh :( that's too bad that the company didn't deliver good customer service. How do you like the coastal scents products ?

reeracoma said...

I have yet to try them. I will soon! I personally like coastal scent stuff. I have brushes and 2 88 palette eyshadows from them.

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