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Friday, August 5, 2011

TAG! Random Questions...


TAG: Random Questions...

Have you been drunk in the past week?
HELL NO! I'm prego! sheesh!

Quick! Make up an alcoholic shot?

Patron shaken with ice in shot glass with a lime. Always my go to drink, if I can drink! ;0) 

Look behind you, what's there?
Nugget getting into something he's not supposed to! 

What's a sexual word starting with 'g'?

I want:
my morning sickness to go away.

I wish:
my morning sickness would go away.

What are you doing this weekend?
Work and some fam bam time. Love it!

I am currently wearing:
Tank top and exercise pants - you'd think i'm going to work out but my butt is planted on this couch.

What does your last text message say?
At seafood city. want anything?

What are 3 things you'd like to eat right now?
-Chicken and waffles
-Smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe
-Red Velvet bundt cake

What was the last movie you rented?
Hall Pass

What would you rather be doing right now?
Be on the beach with my family eating the 3 things I mentioned above.

What are you currently obsessed with?
Skin care, youtube videos, beauty products and true blood.

Who are you tagging?
Niki, Allan, Lhey, Brandi and Di....

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