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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BirchBox June 2011 - Product Review

I have been in such a slump of not doing very much lately. My social media life has plummeted drastically but I am taking baby steps to regain it again.

I AM loving my BirchBox packages. I wish I started it sooner!! My first box was June and I got some great items for $10!!  (learn more about Birchbox by visiting their site and sign up through this link - I get referral credit!)

Here are the items and price breakdown for my June Birchbox.

1. Archipelago Pomegranate soap - part of a gift set $35   

2. Deborah Lippmann Stripper to go nail lacquer remover - 10 mitts - $12

3. Kate Spade Twirl sample - 3.4 oz - $65

4. Laura Geller Baked Blush N' Brighten - 0.32 - $29.50

5. Sircuit Cosmeceuticals Molecular Mist - 2 oz - $36


1. Archipelago Pomegranate soap - part of a gift set $35   
I am personally not a fan of bar soaps. I've just had weird experiences with bar soaps that dry my skin out. So I am skeptical. I lathered the soap into my hands, rinsed off and my hands felt really dried out even with water on it. I hated the feeling of the dryness but after drying off the excess water it felt like the soap took all moisture my hands had prior. I need to moisturize with lotion because I hate the feeling of dry hands which I have. The smell of the bar itself is pleasant smelling but once on my hands it smelled like soaps from a public restroom.  Not a fan.
Ranking: 1 star out of 5 stars

2. Deborah Lippmann Stripper to go nail lacquer remover - 10 mitts - $12
I used this to remove the nail polish I had on today. I love the name by the way. It's called The Stripper to go - for go go girls. Lol, as in girls who are on the go and need a quick nail polish remover! It has a lavender scent and is in the shape of a finger mitt cover. You put your finger in the mitt and with your other fingers you rub your nail against the inside of the nail 'mitt' to remove the polish. Then you continue to do so until all 10 your fingernails are removed of the polish. Here is the aftermath -

I like this because it doesn't spread the polish I'm removing onto my fingers and is self contained inside the mitt. The smell was pleasant and I like this as a 'on the go' option. I hate when my nails are chipped and nasty looking. On a budget, I wouldn't spend the extra money to buy this in comparison to buying a bottle of polish remover at less than $2 a bottle.
Ranking - 3 stars out of 5 stars

3. Kate Spade Twirl sample - 3.4 oz - $80
I sprayed a pump of this on my inner wrists and I like it. This has a mix of a citrus and sweetness of flowers. The scent gives me a reminder of sunny summer smell which was pleasant. I am a big body spray person and it takes a very big perfume scent to have me invest money for. So I wouldn't be buying the full size.
Ranking: 3 stars out of 5 stars

4. Laura Geller Baked Blush N' Brighten - 0.32 - $29.50
I have been using this since I got it and I LOVE IT!! Btw, can we say score! Being a sample program of high end beauty products this is FULL Size!! Holy Guacamole! The picture above is different from what I got -
This gives you a blend of a rosy/highlight all-in-one. I use a small blush brush to gather from the rosy portion of the blush to add to my cheeks then a fan brush to gather color from the highlight color to add to the top of my cheek bone and on the bridge of my nose. Today I brushed my blush brush across the entire palette and got more of a shimmer rosy blush which I felt was too heavy on the shimmer. I would definitely buy this but without the highlighter portion in it.
Ranking: 5 stars out of 5 stars

5. Sircuit Cosmeceuticals Molecular Mist - 2 oz - $36

When I initially got this, I was thinking it was a makeup spray set but it was more as a hydrating mist. I had to visit birchbox's website to see how this worked and learned that with pumps 2-3 sprays on your face after cleansing face and before putting on moisturizer and applying makeup helps hydrate skin. I would get a refreshing feeling after spraying on my face and the smell is very fresh and light. I like it but currently I would not purchase a full size unless I feel a big difference in my skin from now until the sample is finished. 
Ranking: 3 stars out of 5 stars

Retail Value of June's birchbox:

1. Pomegranate soap - $7
2. Twirl perfume - $2
3. Blush & Brighten - $29.50
4. Molecular Mist - $2.70
5. Polish remover - 2.50

Total =   $43.70 

I paid $10 for this months box! Awesome!!

Share your thoughts or questions about these items. Seriously, if you haven't already you should at least one box!! =0)

More info: learn more about Birchbox by visiting their site and sign up through this link - I get referral credit!

Here is the unpacking video again -

Check out July's Birchbox unpacking and review will come soon!

Stay beautiful inside and out! 




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